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Review for Chew Pouch Cool Mint
Thank you!

I have been trying to quit tobacco and this is a great alternative.

Review for CBD Smokes
Great effects, tasty blend.

I love the cbd smokes! They are tasty (red raspberry really stands out). Only thing is, I wish we knew more about the effects on health. I doubt it is that bad, akin to smoking legal marijuana. However, it would be nice to confirm this information. Otherwise, very clear-headed, tasty, and relaxing effect. Go for it!

Review for CBD Pouches
Quick, noticeable and discreet..

The effect is great, better than cbd oik as the MCT(coconut) oil usually upsets my stomach. Not these! Perfect! Would be great if more about health effects was known/listed. Anyways, pouches are great and are probably fine.

Review for Chill Pouches
Excellent long lasting flavor

I can’t wait to try the new flavors! The Cool Mint pouches last me well over 2 hours at a time, and I really like the fact that they are made with high quality, sourced ingredients.

Review for CHILL Pouches
In Love!

Wow, I always wondered with the CBD industry trending up, if someone would make a product like this. This product is GREAT!. I am a very busy person with lots on my plate, this product keeps me relaxed and definitely helps curb anxiety. Can’t wait to try the new flavors!

Review for Chill CBD Pouches
Just Chill

When I found this product I was looking for something to replace my tobacco habit. Let me vouch, this product did exactly that. Not only did I instantly feel the effects of calm satisfaction, it felt great knowing that this pouch is a healthy alternative! Now days I hardly chew tabacco, but when I need something to take the edge off, I just pop one of these in and just chill;)

Review for Cool Mint Pouches
Love these!

Two at a time is perfect – I can’t get enough of these. Super excited to try the new flavors!

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